Artificial Intelligence Tool for Amazon Sellers
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What you get
1 x Page Analysis (Retail US$250 per ASIN)
2 x Top 20K Keyword Report in Single Category (Retail US$450 per Cat)
2 x ASIN Reports (Retail US$100 per ASIN)

Now US$400 Total

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What you need to know:
Page Analysis

Date Range : the past 7 days.
Please choose the ASIN that has more than 1000 hits per day. 
If not, there is no data at the system.

If you still want the report ASIN has less than 1000 hits per day, we will inform the source to add the asin to whitelist,

You need to wait around 10 days to get the data. whitelist ASIN will be recorded even it has less then 1000 hits per day.

Top 20K Keywore Report:

Date Range: July 1 - July 31,2018
Marketplace: the promo is mainly for USA marketplace. For other marketplaces, please send email to

If you don't find the appropriate categories, it's because amazon has merge some categories. You will have to decide by your side what to choose.
ASIN Report

Date Range: 570 max.
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